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Top Condos For Downsizers

We have helped many people sell their family home and downsize to a more comfortable condo. The reasons for moving are usually to avoid stairs, move closer to amenities, they don't need as much space and to free up some equity to travel.

Usually Toronto downsizers own a home of significant value and can afford a condo in the $800k-$1.5m range. The ideal criteria for downsizers include:

- being able to walk to the subway
- 1000 to 1400 sq ft
- one level
- shops and restaurants
- community
- 2 bedrooms or larger
- 2 washrooms
- ensuite laundry

The best strategy is usually to search for and buy the condo with a long closing period which gives enough time to sell the home. 

Here are some examples of condos currently available for sale that we would be happy to arrange a private showing for you:

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