No Pets! Condos That Don’t Permit Dogs

Posted January 20th, 2011

If you choose to live in a condo, you choose to abide by the rules of the condo. Every condo has some basic ground rules about pets. Some condos have restrictions on the number of pets, some may permit cats and birds but no dogs, some permit dogs but have a weight restriction.

Toronto Condos that don't allow dogsEvery MLS listing has a specific field regarding pets. If you’re looking to buy and have pet, in particular a dog… it’s very important to keep an eye on this field. The options are:

1) Yes (indicating all pets are allowed)
2) No (no pets are allowed)
3) Restrict (meaning some pets are allowed but there are certain restrictions, don’t make any assumptions and investigate!)
4) left blank (the agent advertising the listing is not sure, up to you to investigate)

If you have a pet, it’s always prudent to have your lawyer review the condo rules before firming up a purchase. You could also place a call with the condo’s property manager to clarify the pet policy before drafting an offer. This is where the expertise of an agent specializing in condos protects you as a buyer when shopping for a condo.

We were recently representing a seller that was selling his condo in the $800,000 price range and we had correctly put ‘restrict’ in the pet field. This particular condo allowed birds and cats but no dogs. After it was conditionally sold, the deal almost fell apart because the buyer’s agent assumed the pet restriction was no large dogs. One of the buyer’s did have a small dog but in the end they decided to go ahead with the purchase as that buyer would only visit the condo a couple weeks per year and would make other arrangements for her dog while visiting.

Some buildings in the Bay St area which advertise that they don’t allow pets are 633 Bay St, 7 Carlton St, 66 Collier St, 95 Lombard and 25 Maitland St. Closer to the lake, 33 55 65 Harbour Square as well as 77 99 Harbour Square also advertise that they don’t allow pets.

Make sure your pet is welcome in the condo building you’re considering purchasing and don’t make any assumptions!

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