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  • Condo Prices Settling

    Condo Prices Settling

    By Chris Dawson

    Prices have been flat for 2014. Usually August gives us a nice little spike as all of the students gobble up suites as they return to the city. What will you do when your child goes to University, pay $80,000 in rent over four years or have an investment working for you? The odds are far ahead that you'll be better off buying a condo for your child to live ...

  • Toronto Condo Market Report June 2014

    By Chris Dawson

    Prices have been maintaining their steady rise, for about the last 3.5 years we've been seeing about 2% per year. The ratio of condos sold/available last month still indicates downward forces on prices. This downward force has been battling low interest rates which is a very strong upward force. The below graph shows the number of condos for sale each month downtown (district C01...

  • Toronto Loft with Terrace

    By Chris Dawson

    I think we’ve all dreamed about living in a large, stylish loft at one time or another in our lives. Typical owners are single professionals or a couple, usually no children as these wide open spaces aren’t ideal for families. Owners usually range in age from late twenties to downsizing boomers. Ingredients for your personalized dream loft include: 1 converted warehouse with high ce...

  • Best Condo Developers In Toronto

    By Chris Dawson

    If you agree that the most realistic way of measuring who the best condo developers are would be to survey customer satisfaction, then JD Power has already done the job for us. Their 2009 survey measured the customer satisfaction of eight factors. These were the home quality, suite and building readiness, sales staff, service and warranty staff, building and shared features, price and value, ph...

  • Is New Construction Cheaper Than Resale

    By Chris Dawson

    No and not for the past 3-4 years. It used to be the case that you could buy on opening weekend from floorplans 3 years in advance at prices less than you’d see in the resale market. Today, with most new construction projects around $600-$650 per sq ft, it’s easy to find a comparable product for a lower price. The justification most often explained by new construction sales sites is th...

  • The Hottest Amenity... Outdoor Pools

    By Chris Dawson

    In some older condos, pools were once located in dingey basements and were rarely used by residents. Today, pools have been repositioned outdoors on rooftops with sweeping views of downtown. Surrounded by cabanas and BBQ fire pits, outdoor pools have now become a key marketing feature for many condos. Residents take advantage of them in our short summers and they are often the center of interactio...

  • Can New Construction Be Negotiable?

    By Chris Dawson

    Usually when you visit a new construction condo project, they have price lists available showing the prices of all the different floorplans, parking and locker costs. They may have a promotion such as a free locker or $5,000 in “free upgrades”. Typically you should not expect to negotiate the purchase price at a new construction site but we really have to take it case by case. If...

  • Condos For Downsizers

    By Chris Dawson

    Toronto condo buyers looking to downsize can become frustrated with the limited options available. For years, developers have been catering to first time buyers and condo investors with their shoe box condos. There’s a coming wave of empty nesters looking to downsize from their big homes and they’ve banked a considerable amount of equity in their homes. Downsizer’s have a number ...

  • Toronto Condos with Low Maintenance Fees

    By Chris Dawson

    Considering the maintenance fee when buying is very important as this regular monthly expense can have a big impact on your quality of life. Low maintenance fees are more important than ever since the introduction of the HST in Ontario. Although it will not be directly applied to maintenance fees, it will increase the cost of many services which make up the fee. Maintenance fees vary from condo to...

  • What's Included in a Condo Maintenance Fee?

    By Chris Dawson

    When considering buying a condo it’s important to review what’s included in the maintenance fee. It’s more often to find an ‘all inclusive’ fee in older buildings which don’t have seperate electricity meters. All inclusive maintenance fees usually aren’t better values… it might be easier for budgeting but most condo owners find lower carrying costs ...

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